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• 7/11/2018

Working Condition Discussion

I'd say we should talk about anything regarding our work here. Using the Rocket Knight Wiki or the Message Wall that people can access freely when visiting the Fandom Wikipedia is not the right place to discuss our issues we have with one another. It's not meant for the public eye.
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• 6/23/2018

Original Concepts of RK That May Have Influenced the Current Designs

This always made me think, if you look back at Sparkster's original design Blaster, do you think that Blaster's serious appearance was the main base for Axel Gear's design?

And what about the second design for Blaster? It kinda looks like a cross design with RKA Sparkster and 2010 Sparkster. Is Blaster's second design being the base for Sparkster's 2010 appearance or is it coincidental?
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