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• 7/11/2018

Working Condition Discussion

I'd say we should talk about anything regarding our work here. Using the Rocket Knight Wiki or the Message Wall that people can access freely when visiting the Fandom Wikipedia is not the right place to discuss our issues we have with one another. It's not meant for the public eye.
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• 7/29/2018
It came to my attention that the User "Robot2018" is constantly changing something on Articles that haven't been worked on. Most constantly on the Mecha Article.

@DigiPony, I strongly advice you to give me permission for the role as Administrator together with you. I don't want you to deal with this nonesensical behavior all alone and it's always better having two Administrators running a Wikipedia for the sake of safety.

This would mean you can take care of the things you need to do outside of the Wiki Site while I can watch over everything and take care of "Robot 2018" if he's going to strike again during your off-time.
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