• Digipony

    Since he was mentioned in this Kotaku article, there's this opinion of mine that I want to say, however, you may think I'm a jerk for saying that I have no hope for him to join but remember, I like Sparkster too and I wished just like all the others that he can join Super Smash Bros. but he can't and there's a reason why...

    1. Somewhere I heard that Sakurai said that only recognizable characters are allowed to join not non-recognizable characters. (If anyone knows where he said this, please add a comment to this blog, so I can add a source.)

    2. According to this Japanese fansite: he’s “somewhat” known in the U.S but not Japan, which is the place where he was originally created mind y…

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  • Digipony

    Since I've discover this through a tumblr post, there's interesting stuff of RKA in the issues released in 1993. Stuff seen in the magazine is screenshots or artworks never before seen. I might update this blog if I find more RKA related content within the magazines. Credit to the user(s) from SegaRetro who were able to get these! Tools I used for are SmallPDF, to extract the pages, and Online-Convert to convert them to PNGs.

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  • Digipony

    Besides the rare Sparkster pin, (which is based on this artwork) there's this promotion card for RKA (courtesy and owned by Rapidkirby3k) but then there's this... A rare inflatable Sparkster figure! Owned by juliusviloria858.

    Now it makes me somewhere out there... The official Rocket Knight Adventures T-Shirt, Cap, and Frisbee is under someone's ownership...

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  • Digipony Found this after randomly searching about Sparkster stuff. What's interesting is the concept artwork of Sparkster was different, and was originally going to shoot mini-missiles from his jetpack. The first concept artwork of Sparkster looks kinda "gritty" and not the cute opossum we currently have, his appearance resembles that of Fang the Sniper/Nack the Weasel from the Sonic the Hedgehog series.

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  • Digipony

    As I'm admin now, I have introduced new features: Users who haven't have an account must required to create/or log in to edit or comment, Message Walls and Forums are here. I will make the Wiki's logo but I'm busy. But the wiki's background is a problem.

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  • Digipony

    If Sparkster was in SSB4 this is how would I imagine what would people do/think of him

    • Sparkster needs to replace Snake for another Konami rep in SSB.
    • At first, the time where Shovel Knight was deconfirmed, I was started to worry if this might make Sparkster's reputation in SSB bad because people would've hate him for replacing Shovel Knight.

    • DLC in SSB4 is ending, sadly it's unknown if there would be such thing as SSB5 as Sakurai said the future SSB games would be slim. But if SSB5 is confirmed I hope Sparkster would join the fight.

    If he did join SSB4 this is what I would think of the fans doing to him

    1. He will become popular, but the bad thing is fans will over treat him that this is what will happen to him.
    2. Yaoi Shippings with some characters…

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  • CaveJohnson

    This is my Deviantart

    I've been working on a Rocket Knight Adventures story, based around my own version of the events of the first game, entitled. 'The story of a Rocket Knight'

    I try to be farely accurate, whilst adding my own 'spin' on the story most people wouldn't add.

    also I gave Sparkster a sidekick.

    ...he needed someone to talk to.

    to make it a story.


    it's not getting much attention, aside from my best friend and my family,

    probably because Rocket Knight Adventures is a fairly unpopular game.

    So I thought...

    where could I find some Rocket Knight fans' who would be interested?


    Hope you guys' enjoy!

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  • ShindramusX

    Should I be admin?

    August 2, 2011 by ShindramusX

    I have the neccesarly to become admin of this Wiki since i created some usefull templates, and cleaned the Wikipedia contents from games, also that this Wiki doesn´t have activity and much members contribuiting with it.

    Not to mention that i love Rocket Knight Series.

    ShindramusX HeadQuaters 00:10, August 2, 2011 (UTC)

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