RK2010 BurstShot

Burst Shot (バーストショット bāsutoshotto) is a technique used by the Rocket Knights, especially Sparkster and Axel Gear


Burst Shot is a projectile attack. If the player slashes the sword forward against an enemy, the opponent gets damaged by a fiery razor blade unleashed from the sword.

Game Appearances

Rocket Knight Adventures

Burst Shot is one of the main attacks in Rocket Knight Adventures. If it hits a Devotindos soldier, their armor falls apart into pieces and reveals their underpants in a comical fashion and flees in embarrassment.

Attack || アタック (atakku Attack):

  • English Description: Attack.
  • Japanese Description: アタック (刀で攻撃する。)
    • Translation: Attack (Attack with the sword.)

Sparkster: Rocket Knight Adventures 2

In the Sequel, Sparkster can't use Burst Shot anymore, as he can only do normal sword slashing while jumping or not.

Sparkster (SNES)

In the Spin-off title, Sparkster keeps the access to use the Burst Shot as in the previous game Rocket Knight Adventures.

Sword Attack || 剣攻撃 (ken kōgeki Sword Attack):

  • English Description: Since a shock wave emanates from the sword, you can attack enemies even from a distance.
  • Japanese Description: 衝撃波が剣からでます。すこし遠くの敵にも攻撃ができます。
    • Translation: A shock wave that comes from the sword. You can even attack far away enemies.

Rocket Knight (2010)

Sparkster retains back his ability to use Burst Shot while flying or not.

Burst Shot || バーストショット (bāsutoshotto Burst Shot):

  • English Description:

By channeling power from his Rocket Pack Sparkster launches a bolt of energy forward from his sword.

This projectile attack is performed by pressing (XXX Button) and can be used when on the ground, in the air or on a rail.

Being able to damage enemies from a distance is very useful; however the Burst Shot does less damage than other attacks.

  • Japanese Description: -Coming Soon-
    • Translation: -Coming Soon-