Captain Fleagle

Captain Fleagle (キャプテン・ブービーパー Kyaputen Būbīpā) is a secondary antagonist from Rocket Knight Adventures.


Fleagle appears as a small, slim pig with blonde hair, wearing a green aristocratic garb which gives him a peculiar Napoleon resemblance.


Fleagle is shown to be quite the coward, avoiding direct confrontation and attacking from a distance. According to the manual he's also a clumsy oaf.


Fleagle is a aristocrat from the Devotindos Empire. Thanks to his position he was appointed as the captain of The Big Baroné, the Empire's flying battleship, serving as a underling to the Emperor Devligus Devotindos. He confronts Sparkster when he invades the ship, fighting him directly at first and later using his personal robot, but he is eventually defeated.

Game Appearances

Fighting Strategy

Fleagle appears right at the beginning of the fourth stage. He is protected by a force field, throwing hand greades at the player which must be deflected back at him. After taking some damage he will disable the force field and retreat to the top of the ship. There, he will keep tossing barrels from offscreen until the player can reach him.

He returns again at the end of the stage, controlling the stage's boss. Once it is destroyed Fleagle will start to run back and forth, jumping whenever the player attacks.


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