Emperor Devligus Devotindos (デブリゲス·デボチンドス帝王 Deburigesu Debochindosu Teiō) is the main villain in the original Rocket Knight Adventures, where he acts as the current ruler of the invading Devotindos Empire.


Devligus appears as a tall, obese pig, wearing a golden armor comprised of a breastplate, spiked shoulderpads and black cape, as well as black gauntlets, golden boots, black pants with waist armor protection and a round bellypiece. He originally fights using a large scimitar.

Upon his initial defeat, it is revealed that Devilgus is actually a robot. Whether he had always been like that or he modified himself to become a cyborg is never explained.


Little is shown of his personality, though it can be assumed he is your typical power-hungry oppressor who wants to conquer the world. He also seems to possess a high level of intellect, not only for having revived ancient technology but also due to his mentioned hypnotic abilities.


Devligus's origins are unclear, though he is known for having restored the Devotindos Empire after their first war with the Zephyrus Kingdom. He seeks to reactivate the Pig Star, and for this end he hired Axel Gear to kidnap Princess Sherry, since she's was the only one who knew of the key's location.

Sparkster confronts him on his throne room, but since he already had the key he takes off to the Pig Star and leaves the princess behind. With the princess's help Sparkster gives pursuit, facing him inside of the space station and defeating, only for him to reveal himself as a robot.

Inside the center of The Pig Star, it is revealed that the Core itself was the real Emperor Devligus all along. The robots were but vessels for the Core as a plan to rebuild the Devotindos Empire to release The Pig Star from its confinement. With the destruction of The Pig Star, Devligus is erased from existence forever.

Game Appearances

Fighting Strategy

During the first phase of the fight Devligus will stay on the left side, sending blue energy waves with his sword which you can jump over (lower) or duck (higher). He is invulnerable to regular attacks, being only damaged by the Rocket Burst. Whenever he is hit, he will jump to the other side of the screen.

After taking enough damage he will explode, revealing his robotic nature. His pieces will merge, as he will start hovering around, stretching his limbs to attack.


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