Going Underground is the third stage of Rocket Knight Adventures.


After crossing a large ravine, Sparkster finds himself inside of a volcanic cave. He must get through it and find an exit if he wants to save the princess and the kingdom.


The first area of the level has a pool of lava which constantly raises and lowers, covering the platforms and killing the player instantly if it is touched. The player must pay attention to the lava's movement and move when its level is lowering. Some portions of the area are obscured by the foreground, so the player must use the reflection on the lava to guide himself.

The second area is inside an underwater cavern, with the player floating on water. After a short portion with moving spikes on the bottom and ceiling, the player must move around spiked walls while the water level rises and lowers and fend off the fish enemies. At the end of this portion, Sparkster is greeted by the Pig Crab.

The final area is a large pool of lava which the player must cross on the Walker. Owl enemies could also complicate the task, and makes the player falls in the lava if not careful. At certain points the player has to take off from the Walker in order to avoid the spiked ceilings. At the end of this area, the Lava Fish awaits him.

Accessibility through Difficulty

Normal ModeHard ModeVery Hard ModeCrazy Hard Mode


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