Devotindos Empire (named Kingdom of Devotindos) is the fifth stage of Rocket Knight Adventures.


Axel escapes from the airship with the princess, so Sparkster gives chase to them, reaching the heart of the Devotindos territory.


The stage begins with a flying area above a city. In this area the player has to dodge large missiles and machine gun fire, as well as fend off a few pigs on balloons. After avoiding all missiles, Sparkster flies down to the street level where the midboss is.

Once the midboss is defeated Sparkster enters a large factory. On this area the player must avoid the Invincible Armors and rush to the teleporters at the end of each screen. The last screen is a auto-scrolling vertical climb, where the player must navigate while avoiding to get squished.

In the last area the player must navigate on floating platforms which go up or down as the player hits its switches. After the first screen, the next ones feature spikes which the player must navigate around to reach the end.

Accessibility through Difficulty

Normal ModeHard ModeVery Hard ModeCrazy Hard Mode


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