Kingdom of Zephyrus (mistranslated as Kingdom of Zebulos) is the first stage of Rocket Knight Adventures.


Sparkster begins his journey in the outskirts of Zephyrus, making his way to the Zephyrus castle which is under siege.


The first area is a simple straight line, where the player fights a few pigs and machines. It is a good area for the player to get accostumed with Sparkster's controls. At the end the player must climb up on a tree's branches to reach the waterfall above, where the first midboss, the Pig Tank, awaits.

The second area is flying segment which plays like a shoot 'em up. This area is short, with only a few flying enemies and another midboss, the Water Dragon, before reaching the castle.

The third area is inside the castle. Here, the player will have to use the rocket boost to ricochet off walls in order to reach the upper platforms. Right after the first corridor is a auto scrolling corridor, where the player must be careful with the fire blasts coming from the right of the screen. At the end, he has to fight the boss, Pig Spider.

Accessibility through Difficulty

Normal ModeHard ModeVery Hard ModeCrazy Hard Mode


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