Mountain Range is the second stage of Rocket Knight Adventures.


Sparkster confronts Axel Gear at the top of Zephyrus Castle, but Axel escapes in one of the airships from the Devotindos Empire, its engines sending Sparkster flying away. Sparkster must now cross a lake and ravine in order to catch up with his rival.


The first area has Sparkster floating over the water. Right at the beginning is a midboss, Raccoon Robot, followed by a few pigs on jetskis. Moving forward the player reaches a waterfall area with tree branches to climb on. Because of the many spikes the player must use the branches to move around, as well as the platforms which take the player to the portion behind the waterfall. At the end another midboss, Metal Snake, awaits.

The next area is a submerged cave which the player must navigate while avoiding the moving spikes. The last area is on a railway above a ravine. The player must stand on a mine cart which moves automatically and pay attention to the warning signs on the track, ducking under the spikes and jumping to the next cart when the track ends. At the end, he has to fight the Pig Train.

Accessibility through Difficulty

Normal ModeHard ModeVery Hard ModeCrazy Hard Mode


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