Outer Space is the sixth stage of Rocket Knight Adventures.


After defeating Axel, Sparkster finally meets with the Emperor Devligus, who leaves Princess Sherry behind and takes off to the Pig Star. Using her magic, Sherry powers up Sparkster to fly in space and pursue the Emperor.


This entire stage is a shoot 'em up sequence, with no actual obstacles other than the enemies themselves. the player first fights small pig heads, then a shower of meteors, some of which can shoot missiles. Between each enemy wave a circle of meteors and pig heads will surround Sparkster; hitting a meteor will summon apples to replenish life but hitting a pig head will summon a column of pig heads.

At the end the player faces against astronaut Pigs, while Axel Gear also appears as a midboss. Once he is defeated the stage boss appears.

Accessibility through Difficulty

Normal ModeHard ModeVery Hard ModeCrazy Hard Mode
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