Paeli (パエリエ Paerie) is a character who appeared in Sparkster: Rocket Knight Adventures 2, serving the role as the secondary antagonist. He is an anthropomorphic reptile who serves King Gedol. According to the official manual, he is the leader of the Gedol Ninjas.


Paeli appears as a reptilian humanoid with pointy ears and orange hair tied on a pigtail, wearing a blue suit of armor and white gloves and boots.


Little is shown of Paeli's personality, though it can be surmised he's anything but a coward, considering he confronts Sparkster directly. In the Last of the Rocket Knights comics he is shown to be more intelligent than the usual dumb lizard soldiers from Gedol.


Sparkster: Rocket Knight Adventures 2

Paeli is a servant of King Gedol and captain of their flying battleship, confronting Sparkster when he attacks the battleship, though he ultimately ends defeated.

Last of the Rocket Knights (Comic Series)

In the Last of the Rocket Knights comics, he is shown commanding a group of foot soldiers of the Gedol Empire, "greeting" Sparkster upon his return and revealing Gedol now had total control over Zephyrus after he is defeated in combat.

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