The Pig Star Core is the final boss from Rocket Knight Adventures.


The core of the Pig Star is invulnerable, except for a red weak point which it exposes every now and then from one of its eight openings. The room where it is fough has low gravity, allowing the player jump above the boss if necessary.

At first the Core only bounces around, but after a few hits it will begin teleporting and use one of its attacks randomly. From its openings will appear antennas which shoot lightning or rods which shoot ring projectiles.

Once it takes enough damage it will beging circling around the center of the room, while shooting two opposite lasers in a counterclockwise motion which go up to a certain range. After more damage it begins shooting ring lasers from its openings, again counterclockwise.

Once the boss is destroyed its center monitor will remain and attempt to chase Sparkster during the escape sequence. It will swing its two cables around, drop ring lasers and attempt to ram the player. The player cannot attack the boss, just having to survive until the boss burns itself upon reentering the planet's atmosphere.


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