During the gameplay you occasionally run into power-up items that will help you through your adventures.

Rocket Knight Adventures

RKA PowerItem Sprite
Power Pack || パワーアイテム (pawaa aitemu Power Item):
  • English Description: Allows you to fly.
  • Japanese Description: 飛行状態になる。
    • Translation: Change into flying state.

Sparkster: Rocket Knight Adventures 2

RKA2 RocketPack Sprite
Rocket Pack || ロケットパック (roketto pakku Rocket Pack):
  • English Description: Launches your Rocket Pack as soon as you grab it!
  • Japanese Description: 取った時の、方向ボタンの向きにロケットアタック。または、その場で回転アタック。
    • Translation: Immediately uses a charged rocket attack in the direction of the pressed down button. Otherwise you perfom a rotation attack on the spot.
RKA2 PowerUpCapsule Sprite
Power Up Capsule || パワーアップカプセル (pawāappu kapuseru Power Up Capsule):
  • English Description: Powers up your sword into a Flaming Sword (The sword's power returns to normal as soon as you receive any damage.)
  • Japanese Description: 剣がパワーアップして炎の剣「斬炎抜刀術」が使えるようになる。(ダメージを1回でも受けると元に戻る。)
    • Translation: The sword is powered up; the flaming sword "Zan'en Battōjutsu" can now be used (Reverts to original state upon receiving damage.)
      • Important Note: "Zan'en Battōjutsu" literally means "Sword Drawing Technique of Decapitating Flames". Can also be shortened to "Flaming Execution Technique".
RKA2 KeysToTheSeal Sprite
Keys to the Seals || 封印の鍵 (fūin no kagi Keys to the Seal):
  • English Description: They're called keys, but nobody actually knows what they really look like. Collecting all seven keys gives Sparkster a special power-up.
  • Japanese Description: 光り輝く剣の姿をしている。ゲーム中に7つ隠されている。
    • Translation: They take the form of shining swords. Seven of them are hidden in the game.

Sparkster (SNES)

-This game contains no Power-Up Items-

Rocket Knight (2010)

RK2010 RocketPackToken Icon
Rocket Pack || ???:
  • English Description (Inofficial): Refills the Burst Meter (Wolf Kingdom only.)
  • Japanese Description: -Coming Soon-
    • Translation: -Coming Soon-