Princess Flora

Princess Flora (フローラ姫 Furōra Hime) is the princess of the Kingdom of Eginasem. She is the daughter of King Eginasem and currently only featured in the Super Nintendo spin-off title Sparkster.


Flora appears as a tan furred opossum with long, brownish-red hair. She wears a golden diadem in the shape of a crown that is decorated with three green jewels, the middle one being the largest in size. She wears a pendant around her neck, which is an important relict of the royal family of Eginasem.

Her dress is in a light blue color and reaches down to the ground, combined with elbow-length gloves. At the top left side of her dress is a brooch attached to keep her long, yellow veil in place. Lastly, a yellow, broad belt is placed around her waist.


While not much is known about Flora's personality, as a manual description is entirely lacking, she appears to be very kind and always worried about the people around her. This was shown in the intro sequence when her father was sending her away from the castle, which was already under attack by Generalissimo Lioness and his army.


There's not much known about the history of Flora except that she's the daughter of King Eginasem, who rules over the Kingdom of Eginasem.

From what is known from the events of the game and manual, she's in the possession of an old family relic in form of a pendant that's been passed down from generation to generation, which is said to preserve peace. As the next generation of the royal family, Flora is the guardian of the pendant, which made her the target of Generalissimo Lioness.

Game Appearances


  • The Official Artwork depicts Princess Flora with brown hair, a golden diadem, and a blue dress decorated with a yellow veil on the left side of her shoulder.
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