Princess Sherry

Princess Sherry (シェリー姫 Sherī Hime) is the princess of the Kingdom of Zephyrus and made her debut in Rocket Knight Adventures. She is the daughter of King Zephyrus and the older cousin of Princess Cherry.


Sherry's appearance is the one that varied the most throughout the games, with her most common traits being a more human-like face and long pink hair. In the first game, she wears a green dress and is about as tall as Sparkster himself. In the second game, she is given a visual overhaul, appearing much taller and wearing a light blue dress.

In Rocket Knight, Sherry only appears briefly during the ending sequence, with a somewhat older appearance and less human-like face.


Despite being a princess, Sherry is a very educated and kind person, if only a bit naive. She eventually becomes Sparkster's girlfriend, though they break up when Sparkster retires from his Rocket Knight position and leaves Zephyrus. Though she is left heartbroken, she still seems to care for him.


Being the princess of Zephyrus, Sherry is the inheritor to the "Key to the Seal", needed to reactivate the sealed Pig Star. Because of this Emperor Devligus Devotindos orders her kidnapping and takes her to his castle in the Devotindos Empire. Once she unseals the Pig Star she is left behind by Devligus, being rescued by Sparkster and using her magical powers to allow Sparkster to fly in space. Once the Pig Star is destroyed Sparkster takes her back to Zephyrus.

On later titles Sherry only had minor appearances, appearing briefly in the intro of Sparkster: Rocket Knight Adventures 2 and in the ending of Rocket Knight.

Last of the Rocket Knights (Comic Series)

In this short comic story, Sherry is shown to be the current ruler of Zephyrus, with no mention of King Zephyrus. Much like all inhabitants of Zephyrus, she was placed under a mind-controlling spell by King Gedol, who intends to marry her and become the country's new ruler. Once Sparkster breaks the spell and crashes their wedding ceremony Gedol attempts to use her as a hostage, but Sparkster rescues her and defeats Gedol.

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