The Raccoon Robot (アライグマロボ Araiguma Robo), also known as Repulsive Raccoon Robot, is the first mid-boss of Stage 2 from Rocket Knight Adventures and the first boss from Sparkster: Rocket Knight Adventures 2.


The Raccoon Robot is a tall robot piloted by a Pig, equipped with two mechanical arms which it uses for offense. The player faces it right at the beginning of the second stage, as it rises from behind the mountains in the background. It mostly flails the arms, eventually stretching them after Sparkster. Its weak point is the red nose on the front.

The Raccoon Robot returns in second game is the first stage boss. This time the boss in on a lying down position and the player walks over it. It once again flails its mechanical arm, which now can also shoot at the player. Its red nose still serves as its weak point.



  • This mid-boss is based on Gromaides, the third boss from the original Contra.
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