In this list you can see what Articles are still in heavy construction.

Some Articles need minor corrections, more information, or need to be created as they're completely missing from the Wiki Database.

We also have a lot of Stubs to work on, so feel free to contribute to them if you can!

Works still in Progress

  • Stage Articles are lacking descriptions and images.
  • Some Character Articles are lacking information.
  • Some Enemy Articles are lacking information or are entirely missing.
  • Some Japanese descriptions (& English translations) of Characters are still missing.
  • Japanese versions (& English translations) of the Plot of the games are missing.
  • Articles about the introduced Kingdoms are missing (Zephyrus, Eginasem, Gedol etc.)
  • Articles about the Attack Moves of Sparkster are missing.
  • Article about the Legendary Armor is missing.
  • Articles about the Vehicles are missing.
  • Article about Name Origins is missing. (still in discussion)
  • Article about Theories is missing. (still in discussion)
  • Article about BETA related content is missing. (still in discussion)
  • Articles about the Japanese Beep! MegaDrive Magazine scans (& English translations) are missing.

Finished Tasks

  • The Wikipedia design has been completely updated.
  • All Stages have been created as Articles.
  • Some Character Articles have been updated & re-arranged.
  • Certain Character Articles have received their Japanese descriptions & English translations.
  • Categories for Enemies, Characters (etc.) have been created/updated.
  • Article about the "Key to the Seal" has been added.
  • Articles about Recovery Items, Power-Up Items & Other Items have been added.

References & Important links

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