The Rocket Knights (ロケットナイト roketto naito) are a special elite group formed during the reign of King El Zephyrus. They serve the royal family of Zephyrus, protecting them and the kingdom from any form of harm.

Rocket Knights are, as the name says, knights that use rocket packs. They wear an armor made out of steel which is magically enchanted to protect their wielder from most magical influences and other devastating attacks. Their swords seem to consist out of the same material with the exact same properties as their armor, as they seem to create shock wave projectiles as wide-range attacks.

The rocket packs can be used in many different ways: flying, dodging, faster traveling, and performing special attack maneuvers. It is unclear if they are magically enchanted just as the armor and swords are.

There is not much information about the former leaders of Rocket Knights and how many actually exist in the current timeline of the games. According to the game manuals (all versions), the last known active leader was Mifune Sanjulo. After his sudden death his adoptive son, Sparkster, inherited the position as the leader of the Rocket Knights.

List of Rocket Knights

Current Leader of Rocket Knights

Past Leaders of Rocket Knights

Ex-Members of Rocket Knights

Other members of Rocket Knights

  • None/Unknown


  • According to the US/EU Manuals, there are several other members of Rocket Knights. However, so far none of them have been mentioned or actively shown in-game.
    • The Japanese Manual doesn't mention the existence of other Rocket Knights. Interestingly though, the manual mentions Zephyrian Knights, who suffered a great loss during the attack of Devotindos.
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