Sparkster: Rocket Knight Adventures 2 (スパークスター ロケットナイトアドベンチャーズ2) is the sequel to the Mega Drive game Rocket Knight Adventures. Another game under the same title, Sparkster, but without the "Rocket Knight Adventures" subtitle and not continuing the plot of the first game, making it a spin-off, it was released on the SNES. A follow up to this game's plot, Rocket Knight, was produced by Climax Studios for downloadable services in May 2010.


This is a story of the strange world of Elhorn, a world of valiant Knights and magic... and machines. Near the center of Elhorn lies the peaceful and enchanted Kingdom of Zephyrus.

Long ago, the army of the Devotindos Empire invaded Zephyrus with an evil and powerful spaceship called the "Pig Star". But thanks to the courage of Sparkster, leader of the elite fighting force known as the "Rocket Knights", the vicious Empire was beaten back and finally destroyed. For a time, it looked as though Zephyrus would find peace once again.

But alas, it was not to be. All the lands of Elhorn were again engulfed in war. In every reigon of Elhorn, tribes formerly held in the evil grip of the Devotindos Empire turned violent. From this mass confusion there arose the evil Empire of "Gedol". The Gedol Empire soon swelled, using every evil means available to take control of every reigon of Elhorn. The King of Gedol then learned of the existance of Sparkster. Fearful of interference from the legendary Rocket Knight, King Gedol sent out an order to his troops to have Sparkster destroyed.

Sparkster stands alone, the sole hope of Elhorn against the giant Gedol Empire. Let the adventure begin!


Sparkster gameplay is very similar to its previous installment. The game largely functions as a 2D sidescrolling platformer, with an autoscrolling airship stage being the lone exception. Now the Rocket Pack is now self-charger, with a second power bar, however, unlike Rocket Knight Adventures and Sparkster, the player isn´t able do use the sonic boomerang.


Title Screen for Sparkster: Rocket Knight Adventures 2.

A duel with Sparkster's arch rival Axel Gear occurs, much like in the first game.

Gold Sparkster

The main difference between this game and the rest of the series is the inclusion of six secret swords hidden within the levels (as well as another earned by clearing the prologue level). A player who can obtain all seven will face the final boss as Gold Sparkster, similar to Super Sonic from Sonic The Hedgehog. Gold Sparkster hits harder than normal Sparkster and his rocket pack charges faster. However, unlike Super Sonic, he can still get hurt. To got the six secret swords, you need to be in Hard mode.

Completing the game as Gold Sparkster is necessary if players want to see the 'True' ending. If the game is completed without transforming into Gold Sparkster, a message will appear saying 'Try Again.'


NOTE: Names in italic are unofficial

0 Opening Demo: Robot AttackAxelrobo
1 Ancient Ruins And ForestPlant Face
Rolling Lizard
Raccoon Robot
2 Desert PyramidsLava FaceSnake God Soldier
3 Air BattlePaeli
4 High-speed Robot BattleAxelrobo
5 The Battle of GedolDefense BotRobot Guardians
6 The Final BattleAxel GearKing Gedol
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