• Hello DigiPony, how are you doing? I hope you are okay so far.

    I remember that you were uploading the 3D Models of Axel Gear and Sparkster from the Rocket Knight 2010 game, and that you also have an Account on Spriters Resource. We are still missing quite a lot of the 3D Models from the Enemies, NPCs and Bosses. IIRC the user Goron0000 was able to rip some of the 3D Models.

    Do you mind if you could make Screenshots from the remaining characters from Rocket Knight 2010 and add them to the Image Gallery? And could you try to contact Goron0000 to rip the remaining Models for the Rocket Knight Wikipedia Project? It would help us a lot! :)

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    • I don't know how to rip models, but I might contact the user if he could rip some character models.

      Which character models do you want from that user would rip?

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    • You were able to make Screenshots from the 3D Models with a transparent background, if I remember that correctly. You were uploading the one of Axel Gear and Sparkster (Rocket Knight and Farmer version), after all. :)

      We could use every 3D Model that is missing. General Sweinhart, Princess Cherry, Princess Sherry, the pig soldiers, the Bosses... It would help a lot if Goron0000, or someone else who can rip 3D Models from the game, could do us this favor for the Rocket Knight Wikipedia Project. They would also get full Credit for their hard work.

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    • The 3D model screenshots were actually the model preview images from The Models Resource.

      And wait, Princess Cherry appeared in RK2010? I didn't see all of the cutscenes through videos, but I didn't know she appeared?

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    • She does appear. After you defeat the Forest Shredder there's a cutscene where Axel Gear and General Sweinhart are talking to the Pig Soldiers and citizens of Zephyrus about defending Zephyrus from the Wolves' attacks. Princess Cherry is standing next to General Sweinhart on the right of the podium. I recognized her from the blond hair and red dress.

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