Who am I?

My name is KokoaMinto or "KoMi" for short.

I'm a member of the Rocket Knight Fandom Wikipedia, a Digital/Traditional Artist and Co-Administrator of the Rocket Knight Adventures Petition Group on DeviantArt.

My connection to the Rocket Knight Franchise

I'm a Rocket Knight Fan since the release of the Super Nintendo Spin-Off Sparkster (SNES) and got more introduced into the Franchise by one of my closest friends with Rocket Knight Adventures on the Sega MegaDrive/Genesis. After playing Sparkster: Rocket Knight Adventures 2, Rocket Knight and reading the Fleetway Comic Last of the Rocket Knights I grew fond with this underrated gem that Konami produced, and dedicated my enthusiasm to support the Franchise as much as possible.

What is my Role/What am I responsible for?

  • The translations of the Japanese Manuals (Stories of the games & Character Profiles mostly).
    • The translations of the Japanese Magazine Articles (with the help of the Konami Classics Group).
  • Certain edits & additions of information about the characters, the game lore and other Trivia.
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